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dr. eyup celık

Doctor Eyüp Çelik was born in Gaziantep, on 17th of March 1989. He attended Gaziantep College Foundation Highschool, in which his whole curriculum was in English language. He then proceeded to obtain his bachelor’s degree in Dentistry at Marmara University. He has always been interested in art, drawing and creating things since he was a kid. He still actively paints today and displays his paintings in his clinics as well as the homes of friends and family. That skill came in handy and lead to him becoming a cosmetic dentist later in life as he always wanted to combine arts and science.

Doctor Çelik has been actively working as a dentist for the past 10 years. He spends most of his time in his clinics in İstanbul and Dubai. He also travels around the world to teach and encourage other dentists, attends seminars and shares his valuable knowledge as a speaker in conferences worldwide. In addition, Dr.Çelik has given a TED talk, titled “The Doctor who sold his Ferrari” and inspired conversations with global communities. He has won numerous international awards including “Young Dentist Award” by the UK Parliament at the British Dental Awards of Excellence in 2019. He continues to share his expertise, broad knowledge and unique techniques at various congresses and seminars worldwide. Some of the most popular treatments that he performs are implants, emax crowns, lamine veneers and non prep veneers.

Celebrities worlwide choose Mr.Çelik when it comes to their smile designs. Mr.Çelik has treated famous actors, football players, businessmen and politicians in his dental clinic in İstanbul and Dubai. Doctor Çelik puts his patients first and his goal is to improve the overall quality of his patient’s lives. He is very detail oriented and he analyzes the needs of each patient and develops treatment plans accordingly. Based on his busy schedule of return patients and reference patients, it is safe to say his reputation as a gentle and friendly dentist lives on. He has a competitive and passionate spirit with a strong desire for excellence.

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Conservative Treatments

Implant Treatment

Laminate Veneers

Onley – Inley porcelain fillings



Pink Aesthetics

Root Canal Operation

Teeth Whitening

Nan Prep