Jeweled accessories that can be put on and removed from the teeth, also known as Grillz; first started to be worn by hip-hop artists in New York in the 1980s and became increasingly popular in the mid-2000s

(Grillz Teeth) How is the application?

The first step in making a Grillz tooth is to take the measurements of the tooth to be treated. Dentists use different methods to take measurements. The digital impression is performed with the help of an intraoral scanner and computer. Another measurement method is silicone-based tooth measurement. A model is obtained from the measurements taken.

After the model obtained, detailed grillz analysis is made, the material to be made is selected and its production is made. Since the grills applied to the teeth by the dentist are usually removable, the patient has the opportunity to use them whenever they want.

What is Grillz Dental Material?

The material to be grilled is determined according to the patient’s request. This can be jewelery or made of a metal material. The most commonly used materials are gold, silver and metals that are not harmful to the teeth.