Conservative Treatments

Filling treatment

In individuals with weak oral hygiene, the bacteria that are present in the mouth, with their cumulative accumulation, cause tooth structure breakdown and tenderness leading to widespread toothache. This starts from the enamel layer on the tooth and goes down to the dentin or even pulp of the tooth irreversibly and this causes tooth decay. In the treatment of these, the earlier the tooth decay is determined and intervened, the better the existing tooth structure is preserved. In addition, the decays formed at the contact points adjacent to the teeth not only harm the existing teeth over time, but also damage the adjacent tooth. In the treatment, the existing decayed part is cleaned, and composite fillings are filled and the missing dental health structure is regained. Their treatment is done in our clinic with a 20-minute procedure in just one session. If early diagnosed, even anesthesia is unnecessary.


It is an alternative treatment of laminate veneers for people who are not satisfied with the shape or form of their teeth aesthetically. While the material in laminate is porcelain, in bonding treatments, it is composites. The materials used in the bonding method are the aesthetic filling materials, produced in a way that imitate one’s own tooth structure and color one-to-one. With bonding, deformities in the teeth, gaps between the teeth (diastema), decays formed in front parts are aesthetically treated. It is also completed in only one session. It can be considered as an alternative treatment for laminate veneers in individuals with aesthetic concerns.

Fissure sealant application

Fissure sealant is a treatment method that is applied in individuals with anatomically very deep and shallow anatomical recesses on the chewing surface of their teeth. It is a preventive decay treatment that prevents nutrient accumulation in these formed recesses and protrusions and that forms a more flat chewing surface by filling them with fluid filling materials.

Kole fillers

It is the treatment method used in the treatment of the tenderness caused by the abrasion that occurs in the neck region of the teeth after the gingival retraction formed in time in the junction between the teeth and the gingival. One of the reasons of this is hard brushing. The treatment of this is completed in 15 minutes in one session.