Sinus Lifting

Sinus Lifting Treatment:

Sinus is the name given to the anatomical spaces on the upper jaw with its most basic expression. The sinus has many functions. The most important of these tasks can be listed as reducing the weight of the skull, creating sound and ensuring that the air we breathe is humidified and cleaned.

In cases where applications such as implant teeth are not performed instead of the teeth lost in the upper
jaw, bone loss continues and the sinus hangs down with bone loss.
Sinus Lift is an additional surgical technique that is used to intensify the melted jawbone or to help new
bone formation in areas where it is missing. One of the purposes of this technique is to create the
required density, height and volume of bone that will allow the implant tooth to be fully placed. In other
words, sinus lifting is indispensable in certain cases for the implant tooth to be long-lasting and healthy.

Is pain and swelling seen after Sinus Lifting?
As in every surgical procedure, it is considered normal to experience some swelling and pain after sinus
lifting. In fact, it can be said that this swelling and pain is necessary for healing. The pain and swelling
seen after the sinus lift procedure are controlled with medications and doctor’s recommendations.

How long is the swelling period after Sinus Lifting?
After the sinus lift procedure, swelling may increase in the treated area within 48 hours, but the swelling
will decrease over time according to the healing response.

Is sinus lifting a harmful procedure?

It should be stated that the sinus lifting procedure should be performed by specialist and experienced maxillofacial surgeons.