It is a science that examines the physiology and histology of the anatomy of soft and hard tissues surrounding teeth; investigates the diseases that occur in these tissues; that treats these diseases and makes the acquired health permanent.

Periodontal disease is the discomfort of gingiva and bone, which are the tissues surrounding the tooth. Genetic factors play a role in these diseases but the increase of microbial dental plaque accumulating in the tooth and its surroundings in individuals with poor oral hygiene care also affects the progression of these diseases.

In the treatment, the aim is to remove the factors leading to the progress of these diseases. When early diagnosis and treatment are done, the lost tissues can be regained, while at advanced levels, the factor is removed and progress of disease is stopped. Periodontal treatments are very important treatments for the longevity of the teeth in mouth.

These treatments include free gingival graft, gingivectomy, flap operations, treatments of implant infections, detertra etc. As a result of the examination to be performed, the kind of treatment to be performed changes depending on the factor leading to the disease.