Teeth Whitening

It is the process of making teeth color a 2 or 3 tone clearer than the color present in a few days for those who are not satisfied with the current color of their teeth. It is either done with a clinic office-type single-session laser method or with home-type specially prepared transparent plate by applying gels in them.

In the office type, patients who come to our clinic with tooth whitening need have three 20 minute sessions and they get a white smile in 60 minutes in one visit with the reaction of the laser beams with the gel applied on the teeth.

In home-type whitening, transparent plaques prepared according to the structure of the mouth and teeth and the jellies that will be applied to them are given to our patients. Then our patients get their white teeth at the end of 2nd or 3rd day by keeping these plaques and the gel in the mouth a minimum of 5 hours during the day.

One of the common misconceptions in the society about tooth whitening is the thought that tooth whitening is harmful. The new generation bleaching agents applied in our clinic have no damage to the teeth. The whiteness obtained by tooth whitening has 1 year to 1½ years permanence.


In order to ensure that the whitening is permanent, our patients are given oral hygiene training in our clinic after the procedure.