Non Prep

Lamina veners are a 0.3-07 mm thin porcelain layer applied to the front surfaces of the teeth.It has high stability and the risk of fracture is very low.

By providing maximum protection of tooth tissue, the front group allows the appearance of the teeth to be corrected.

Emax porcelain coatings have a high resistance to wear and breakage and do not retain stains when using tea, coffee and tobacco-like products in the long term.The resulting whiteness is permanent. A well-polished porcelain surface protects gum disease by causing less plaque accumulation.

In what cases are non-Prep Lamina Veners applied?

* In the arrangement of broken, disfigured teeth
* Bringing small volume teeth to normal sizes
* Closing decks between teeth
* Aesthetic complaints due to discoloration of front group teeth
* Gum removal and associated sensitivity to prevent
* In cases where the upper lip prevents the appearance of the front teeth, in order to lengthen the teeth and
* It is applied in patients who are not happy with their smile.

How are non-Prep Lamina Veners applied?

Non-Prep lamina veners are applied to your teeth without etching. Any prep is applied on the main teeth, without the application of tooth etching and tooth cutting. Prep or non prep is decided as a result of the doctor’s examination. 

Duration of treatment

It lasts from 1 week to 10 days and 2 sessions Dec. In the space between the first and second visit, our patients are free to travel because our treatment lasts only 2 sessions Dec.

– Treatment Plan
– Preparation of a working model
– Measurement of teeth only


For no prep, no etching is applied and only measurement is taken in the first session.

– Showing the Smile Design to the patient
– Rehearsing in the mouth
– Final simulation