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Missing teeth can make you feel less confident about your smile, but can also weaken surrounding teeth and deteriorate bone structure. Ultimately, it can result in the loss of facial contours and teeth. Dental Implants are indistinguishable from natural teeth. You can have your smile back and you will have the confidence to eat anything you like – no need to avoid those steaks, apples or crusty bread anymore.

Frequently asked Questions

Done without any harm to the natural tooth structure. It is a process that takes approximately one and a half hours in a clinical setting.On the day of the first bleaching, a harmless sensitivity occurs due to the thermodynamic pressure on the teeth. The process takes approximately 1 hour. (sensitivity only on the day of the procedure). 4 days colored liquids cola tea coffee etc. for the long-term persistence after the procedure should be avoided.

Dental implants are materials made of titanium that mimics the natural tooth root and which replaces missing teeth. Titanium is the most biocompatible material to the human body. Therefore, dental implants have cause no harm in terms of human health. Thanks to the fact that dental implants are applied into the bone in the absense of the tooth, the previously lost function and aesthetics in that area are regained.

Today, many people think that implants are a complicated and painful treatment process, but this is completely false information. Dental implants have a 2-month waiting period for the implants to form a tight bond between the bone and the implant in the jaw bone after after a local anesthesia is applied to the bone in the relevant region within a short period of 15 minutes. This process is an important process for increasing the resistance of the tooth that will come on the implant. In patients with good bone quality, we make an implant in the same session that we are extracting. We then place the coating over the implant in the same session. At the end of this two-month period, the patient gets the tooth he lost again after a short period of 3 or 4 days by measuring the implants made in the second session. . there is no pain in these processes.

Also, it should not be expected to make an implant in the area where a tooth has been lost. The teeth adjacent to the edentulous region or the opposite teeth of the edentulous region are tilted towards the cavity and bone thinning in the relevant region. This makes it difficult to implant this area. In this case, adding bone powder to this area or advanced surgical methods that increase the quality and size of the bone are applied. Dental implants are more aesthetic and more hygienic treatment method than bridge.

Session 1: Implant treatment
Session 2: Taking measurements
End of the 3rd session

Lamina veneers are a 0.1-0.3 mm thin porcelain layer placed on the front surface of your teeth.
Lamina Veners have high stability and the risk of breakage is very low.
Lamina veneers provide a more aesthetic smile and protect the tooth surface from damage like a shield.
The whiteness obtained with laminated veneers is permanent. Well-polished porcelain surface protects from gum disease by causing less plaque accumulation.
Care is the same as the oral care procedure we apply to our own teeth. The tooth has a natural feeling thanks to its thin structure.
The well-polished porcelain surface protects from gum disease by causing less plaque accumulation.
In consideration of the construction technique, by creatinh abrasion from the minimal tooth surface; Sometimes, depending on the suitability of the case, No-Prep Veneeler is made without any abrading process. (without thread cutting)
As it is a minimally invasive treatment, it is a painless treatment method.

Cost: It varies depending on the situation of each case.
Temporary teeth are used to minimize aesthetic anxiety for our patients during the 1 week of treatment.
For example, let’s say you came Monday, your treatment is due to finish on Monday the following week.

Treatment duration: It takes 1 week and 2 sessions. During the gap between the first and second visit, our patients are free to travel
because our treatment takes only 2 sessions

The 1. Appointment
– Treatment Plan
– Preparation of a working model
– Minimal wear of teeth (for prepared veneers!)
– Making temporary teeth and using them until the 2nd session
Note: No abrasion process is applied in No-Prep veneers and only measurement is taken in the first session.

The 2. Appointment
–  Showing the smile design to the patient
– Last cementation


Gülmek Sizin İçin Neden Önemli ?

Gerçek gülümsemelerin stresi azalatmanıza yardımcı olmaktadır . Aslında, bunun “Happy hour ” in başlamasının nedeni olabileceğini düşünüyoruz .stresli bir iş gününden sonra çalışanlar, gülmek ve

Vener nedir ve nasıl uygulanır ?

Vener nedir ve nasıl uygulanır ?  2015 yılında yapılan bir araştırma, insanların% 80’inden fazlasının dişlerinde KÖTÜ olduğunu düşündüğünü göstermiştir. Ayrıca, insanların yaklaşık% 30’unun sosyal medyadaki


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It helps to lighten teeth color.

It takes an active role in strengthening tooth enamel, protecting the gums.

It is effective in preserving the existing whiteness.