When it comes to aesthetic smile, which is included in the scope of gingival aesthetics, also known as pink aesthetics, it is wrong to think of only teeth. Healthy and proportional gums are among the indispensable parts of a beautiful and aesthetic smile. The aesthetics of the gums is as critical as the teeth in an aesthetic smile that is pleasing to the eye. In order to complete the aesthetic, problems and irregularities in the gingiva must be eliminated.Pink aesthetic applications are used in most of the aesthetic treatment processes such as Smile Design. Gingival aesthetic applications can be performed in order to obtain the most aesthetic results before treatments such as leaf tooth veneer (Lamina Veneer) and Zirconium Veneer.

What is Pink Aesthetics? (Gum Aesthetics)

In order to achieve the most natural and most aesthetic results, the harmony of gum aesthetics (pink aesthetics) and dental aesthetics (white aesthetics) is very important. The treatment to be applied in the application of gingival aesthetics is made depending on the needs, wishes of the people and the doctor’s recommendation. Pink aesthetic applications become very important in gummy smile situations where too much gum is visible during smiling.

Is Gum Aesthetics Among The Treatment Methods?

In pink aesthetic applications, tooth length can be extended by gingivectomy (gum cutting) or gingivoplasty (gum shaping) procedures. In this way, the gummy smile (excess gum visibility) can be reduced or the asymmetries in the gums can be corrected.

If the gums are very red and swollen, detertrage (scaling cleaning) or curettage procedures are applied beforehand. Smile aesthetics can be applied to any person whose gum and tooth structure is suitable for this treatment, without age restrictions.

Although the pink aesthetic healing process is completed in an average of 10-14 days, this period varies according to the treatment protocol.

Frequently Asked Questions

Patients who are not happy with their smile, people with discomfort from their gums and those who want to have a more aesthetic smile can gain a more natural, aesthetic and pleasant smile with the Pink aesthetic method. After the procedure, non-permanent teeth are placed on the implants. Permanent teeth are attached to the patient following the completion of the required time for the compatibility of the implant tooth with the bone.
Receding gums are among the most common problems. In such a case, a gingival graft can be placed to close the root surface of the gingiva by performing Pink aesthetic (gingival aesthetics) procedures. After recovery, dental and gingival health is maintained.
Bleeding gums can be clearly seen in the form of blood during daily brushing. In addition, some sensitivity problems may occur as different symptoms of the disease that causes gum bleeding. Swelling, pain and tenderness in the gums can be among the early symptoms of other health problems.
There can be many different reasons for bleeding gums. • Gingivitis is one of the most common causes of gingival bleeding. • Use of blood thinners • Not paying attention to oral hygiene and care. • Tooth sensitivity as a result of changing hormonal activities during pregnancy. • Unhealthy diet, irritation of the gums and sensitivity of some components in processed foods, • Vitamin and mineral deficiencies have an effect on the deterioration of oral and dental health, and therefore, adequate and balanced nutrition is not given due attention, • Some systemic diseases can cause gingival problems.