Graft & Jawbone

What is jawbone powder (bone graft)?

In case of bone deficiency and loss, the biomaterials applied to the area where bone formation is desired are called bone graft, in other words bone powder. These bone grafts can be taken from the patient’s own body (usually from the jawbone and hip bone), can be of animal origin (bovine origin grafts), or they can be produced synthetically in the laboratory.

In which cases are bone grafts applied?

Bone grafts (bone powders) are generally used in cases where there is insufficient bone in the area where the implant teeth will be made, in cases where implant teeth are desired to be made in the same session as the tooth extraction (implant in 24 hours) (immediate implant) and in sinus floor elevation operations before the implant procedure.

Frequently Asked Questions

Being toothless for a long time due to early tooth loss, periodontal problems and various systematic disorders can lead to bone resorption in the jaws.
In this case, the general problem is that various anatomical and systemic factors prevent implant tooth formation with bone resorption. However, thanks to advanced surgical procedures, it is possible to elevate and expand the bone bearing the teeth with bone powders in our patients with insufficient bone.
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