If the tooth decay starts at the enamel layer and then reaches the dentin layer, which is the base layer, and finally reaches the pulp, this becomes irreversible and root canal operation is inevitable. For this reason, the early diagnosis of tooth decay is very important in terms of dental life and health.

Root canal operation is done in two different ways in vital (live) and devital (dead) teeth. In living teeth, in a single session, local anesthesia is followed by cleaning of the rotten tissue, removing the infected pulp tissue and blood vessels and nerves in the root canal. Then, after the root canal is washed with plenty of sodium hypo-chloride, it is sealed after the infection is controlled so that the root canals are not left empty. In the case of devital teeth, it gives abscess in the infected area and ??acne head?? in an advanced cases as symptoms. In this case, the root canal is washed and cleaned as in the vital teeth, and then temporarily closed with medicines such as calcium hydroxide. These drugs have a stopping effect on bacterial growth in lesions that have gone beyond tooth root. Patients are called weekly to the controls to change the antibacterial agent in the root canal until infection control is achieved in the affected area. Once the infection is controlled, the root canals are sealed off again.